Sunday, January 1, 2012

Map Italy

Rome Italy Hotel

I am old customer of CVC, arriving in Italy did all the terrestrial part with Gartour which is the corresponding company of CVC in Italy ... I really enjoyed the services of Gartour, all great, starting with the services of theguide, which is a Peruvian named Veronica.

But I must complain about the Beverly Hills Hotel in Rome. ( was in a room inthe refrigerator does not work, the air conditioner did not, the download did not complete and the hotel does not offer free internet, had to pay 13 Euros per day, that would be absurd! but it was much worse than this,that the internet does not work ..... therefore, is critical for me lived in three days I was there staying, in late 2011.

Eve in Rome - Italy (Capodanno)

I spent the years 2011 to 2012 in Romewas warned by taxi drivers when it passes midnight the crowddrinks and the bar is very heavy. As a precaution I went to a restaurant, but today, as in Paris, reading thenewspapers of Rome, I see that two people died and 561 were injured, it is a pity, but alcohol is it!

Otherwisein Romea man of 31 years died in a house by the explosion of fireworks, which also injured fourchildren, who are in serious condition. The incident was caused by "an improper use of a relevant quantity of fireworks," testified to the police.