Friday, December 30, 2011

Ferrari Enzo 2012 (458), the first spy photos at the Fiorano track

Recently it has been seen the example of a heavily camouflaged Ferrari Fiorano track that ran on for some tests. This is the heir of the Enzo, which will be presented at the end of 2012.
These spy photos show a Ferrari 458 Italy mainly thanks to the camouflage and made unrecognizable now has a longer snout and lower than the 458 series. The rear has been redesigned making it sound like a Shooting Brake Modena Berlinetta. Though we have no confirmation if this prototype is the replacement for the Enzo or less, in a recent interview with the CEO Amedeo Felisa said the new Ferrari will be officially presented to the extreme end of the year to come. The basis for a future series will be made out of carbon fiber and will be powered by a V12 centrally located rear. It is thought that the next generation of Ferrari will use hybrid technology. According to Felisa, Ferrari hybrid systems used on the road "will improve the efficiency and dynamic performance not only focus on the real." For the time was not disclosed the name of the V12 that will take the place of the Enzo.
While McLaren and Lamborghini have made much of the carbon fiber structure of their respective supercars, Ferrari has chosen a different path. Felisa says that "for a small car production such as the next Enzo, the carbon fiber frame is the best solution." As for the Ferrari production more widespread. however, such as Italy 458, 599 and FF, the carbon structure does not seem the best. "The benefits of carbon over aluminum with regard to the large car production are minimal while the costs turn out to be far superior. In case of accident, with a carbon structure is very difficult to identify whether the body has been damaged or not. " All these advances make us understand that the heir of the Enzo will deal a hard time to his opponents.

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